AM radio intermediate frequency amplification and detection circuit

AM radio shows of the IF amplifier and detector circuit. Mixer from the mixer IF output signal level of the intermediate frequency transformer after the device Ti, is applied t
AM radio intermediate frequency amplification and detection circuit - schematic

o the base of the intermediate frequency transistor VT4, VT4 collector load is intermediate frequency transformer primary winding T2, the primary winding 200 P parallel capacitor resonant circuit, resonant at 465 kHz, T2 secondary IF amplifier tube connected to the base of the pole VT5 by VT5 amplified IF signal, and then the intermediate frequency transformer T3 to the detection circuit, detector diodes VD4 modulated audio signal on an intermediate frequency carrier remove, transfer audio power amplifier, while forming via a resistor 12kn AGC signal is applied to the base bias on VT4.

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