A resistor-capacitor circuit protection thyristor

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Diode and thyristor can withstand over-current and over-voltage of poor, short-term over-voltage over-current will damage the components, but can not complete the full potentia

A resistor-capacitor circuit protection thyristor
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l value of the device according to the runtime temporary overcurrent and overvoltage device to determine parameters, but also give full play-off device should load capacity, and therefore, improve the protection thyristor device has become an indispensable part of operational reliability. In the secondary side of the transformer shunt resistors and capacitors, as shown, may be released from the transformer winding electromagnetic energy into the capacitor C is the electric field energy stored. Since the voltage across the capacitor can not change suddenly, it is possible to effectively suppress overvoltage. Series resistance can be consumed part of the production of green energy over-voltage and suppress LC oscillator circuit.

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