Small low-frequency drift polarity switching synchronous detector circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

After TT2 off, the input signal input via chi Az, dry white [input resistance is very high, becomes the same potential, the inverting input terminal must also be associated wit

Small low-frequency drift polarity switching synchronous detector circuit
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h the move, so Trr play the role of a magnification of the follower 1. Analog switching circuit Tr soap must be formed between the gate electrode a source off when the voltage v. J negative direction placed near the center off voltage vP. To use TTL level drive, the + s/ov replaced - vcc/+ Sv, in addition can also be replaced C-MOS analog switch, but must consider the cost element. Tr. It is a PNP transistor, the emitter potential of Sv, T TL input power when oH- almost off, then set the telegraph voltage - vcc (TT2 so disconnected). TTL level input as labor hours, so that Tr, produce base current, r, conduction, the collector potential placed near + sv, diode Dj off, then v accounted s FO, rz turned on.

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