DTMF Phone Dialer with PIC16F690 and NTE1690

Posted on Feb 4, 2013

The circuit uses a NTE1690 DTMF dialer chip and a PIC16F690 microcontroller. Because this is an IP phone and I cannot just send the DTMF tones over the line, the easiest place to plug in the box is between the phone and the handset. The box has two RJ9 ports at the back - one gets connected to the headset's port on the phone, the other to the headset itself. The dial tones are sent over the microphone line. This way, it works both on IP-phones, and on standard (old fashioned, non-IP) ones.

DTMF Phone Dialer with PIC16F690 and NTE1690
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The dialer is operated this way: Storing a number. The device can store up to 12 numbers, identified by a bank ID. The ID is one of the buttons 0-9, SEQ, or RST. To store a number, press ENT, followed by the bank ID button. After pressing the bank ID, the green LED will light up, showing you that the device is expecting the number. Enter the number sequence (up to 15 digits); the SEQ button corresponds to the *-key on a phone; the RST number is #. You can use the DEL or TKO buttons to insert a pause. When you finish press ENT to store the number, or ABT to discard the changes and leave the old number stored in this bank unchanged. The green LED will turn off at this point. Example: To store the number 555-1234 in bank 0, press ENT-0-5-5-5-1-2-3-4-ENT. Dialing a stored number. Just press one of the 12 bank ID keys (0-9, SEQ, or RST). If there is a number stored in that bank the device will dial the number, otherwise nothing will happen. Example: To dial the 555-1234 stored number (see "Storing number" above) simply press the 0 button. Copying a stored number from one bank to another. Moving stored numbers around is a useful feature that I have not seen in any off-the-shelf dialer. To copy a number, first press ABT. The LED will light prompting you for source bank ID. Press the source bank button. The LED will remain on, waiting for a target bank ID. Press the target bank button. The number stored in the source bank will...

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Nice project   Nov 29, 2020

Can you provide Hex code so I can use the Pickit2 to pgm. the PIC

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