High-performance automatic water level controller circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit works: When the water tank level is lower than said point, F., F2 consisting of RS flip-flop, Q output high, relay, pump the water; when the B point dipped into the water, 6 foot F2 becomes a high level, RS flip-flop on hold, the pump continues pumping.

High-performance automatic water level controller circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

As the water level rises, when the water level reaches "4:00, F. 1 pin goes low level, Q-ended output low, open relays, pumps stopped; when the water level dropped to A point or lower, F. L foot becomes a high level, RS flip-flop and put on hold, the water pump is still stalled, only the water level below the point B, the pump was restarted, repeat the over- process. It is important to point out that the above process is the situation in the well water level higher than D point of condition; if the well water level falls below the point D, regardless of what state the RS flip-flops are reset, the Q output of the low-side power almost, so that the pump is stopped, to prevent idling pumps and burned, but also to save energy.

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