Arduino powered GLCD (Graphic LCD)

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Displays are always nice. So far I`ve just been demonstrating how to use 7-segmented displays to display numbers using very few resources. But what if you want to display text Or pictures Or both Well in order to do that, you`re going to need a simple LCD screen. Now there are simple led screens out there right now which work on serial communic

Arduino powered GLCD (Graphic LCD)
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ation and only display text. That might be good enough for you, but I like flexibility. With a GLCD, I can use different fonts, show pictures, and even animations! What`s also really nice is that the GLCD I`m using is only $20. Granted, this is a little bit more involved to program and to get to work above the super easy Serial. print(Hello World ) commands. Heads up. There is going to be soldering. Also, to be clear, I am going to be using a Mega board. The wiring for the Uno is NOT THE SAME. But luckily, there is the wiring digram for that available in the provided manual in the GLCD library (next step). The library should automatically detect what type of board that you have. However, you can override this manually and select certain ports to act as the display pins. This may or may not be useful to you. When ever you want to update the GLCD, you can access it with GLCD. [command]. Keep in mind that this does not need to be run all the time. The display will retain the information given to it until changed. When it does update it writes over what is on top, but it does not automatically clear anything. If you write over big font with smaller font, both will bevisiblebecause the new stuff did not fully displace the old. There is a lot of examples included with the library. If you are having trouble, run glcdDiag. It will run a diagnostic on the serial monitor and it might tell you what`s wrong. Be prepared for wires....

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