Bedini SSG

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The transistor switches ON and pushes the magnet away, and at the same time the transistor switches off, the stored energy in the coil is going to collapse and the only way it can go is into the charging battery. The next magnet arrives, and the process starts all over again. And thus by capturing the used energy back into a battery and on top of

Bedini SSG
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that delivering mechanical energy to rotate the wheel. The wheel can power a fan a small pump, any other low torque device. To good to be true Just try and build it, and figure out how efficient it really is. Thinker with the components, experiment with the magnets, coil, batteries, transistor etc. Bedini already masters all these variables thus don`t expect a miracle with your first build. Do the science! Thinker and learn from it. There are MANY more to thank for this out of the box thinking and lots of creative new ideas, some work some don`t, (or at least not yet). That doesn`t mean we should ignore it. Do the science.

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