Large-scale LED display system hardware structure and principle

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The large-scale LED display system adopts the line by line scan and lists the driving means to save the expenses of hardware, it adopt 1/16 it is non-interlaced scanning mode, LED display screens large-scales whole it last 16 pieces all right. The picture, in order to reveal the schematic diagram of the driver module. Each display module is that a

Large-scale LED display system hardware structure and principle
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small dot matrix of 64* 32 picture element is rejected, is divided into two parts, each 16 lines from head to foot, every part has 8 groups to list the latch of data. Upper and lower two part multiplex 1 4 the intersection of son and 16 the intersection of Decoder and U1, strobe, drive 1/16 line by line scan reveal, and need 16 groups to list to drive the latch to latch and list the view data. Adopt and run side by side totally, at the time of line data transmission mode, needing can list the latch to make to strobe with a Decoder U2s. Need to use the two-step latch to latch and list the view data in sunset when the dot matrix is broken, otherwise will reveal the tailing phenomenon. Expicity data store the second latch in this time, master control board write down party, want expicity data go on, list data, break rejecting the intersection of end and the intersection of first step and latch, party take after the expicity data transmission instantly, latch, get the second latch export and strobe, drive row display the next together. Adopt second latch of parallel bus under the way, still than competent to transmit, change with data into scheme economy of parallel output Zhyuan have. Reveal that uses and misplaces the cascade connected thinking at the time of horizontal cascade between the driver module, make it have good commonability and but embeddability. Use and misplace the cascade connected thinking, make the Decoder...

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