Mk1 Schematics

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is an excellent piece of software. It is very easy and enjoyable to use. It comes with a huge library of symbols and also has a library editor for creating your own. I completed all the drawing before a single joint was soldered. This gave me confidence that everything was covered. Ticking off the connections as I went, wiringwas a stress-free no-brainer. Afterwards, I buzzed-out every connection

Mk1 Schematics
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

and, again, ticked them off as I went. The original diagrams are in vector format and can thus be scaled to any desired size. In converting them to GIF for the web, I selected a width of 1000 pixels. Download the original hi-res schematics here. I used 28 pin sockets for the RAM chips with a jumper to select 6116 or 6264. I fitted the former but thought it best to support both because the 6116 is hard to source now. The cards also have LS157 Quad 1-of-2 multiplexers for the control inputs. A jumper configures the cards as either W or IP via the LS157 common select input. The I/O card was built and tested before the ALU. I planned to use U4, a hex tri-state inverter, to gate the RXRDY signal onto D0 for conditional tests. Unfortunately, this wouldn`t have worked because inputs to the conditional multiplexer must be stable throughout a skip. I had to mount the LS368 on a header with a transparent latch until the ALU was ready! The links to D0 and D1 have now been broken. I originally hoped to operate the UART in the x1 clock mode giving the option of 38K4, 19K2 or 9600 baud. Unfortunately, reception is only reliable in the x16 and x64 modes. The maximum attainable baud rate, using the x16 mode and the Q4 output of the 4060 divider, is 9600 from a 2. 4576MHz crystal.

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