Moisture Sensor Project

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

I want the final package to be as invisible as possible, and without any wires / adapters / etc. Obviously that requires me to run this project from a small battery. To preserve power, I`m thinking about putting the ATMega (eventually probably the ATTiny) into deep sleep, and wake it up once every 30 minutes or so. Let it sense the moisture level, send out a package,

Moisture Sensor Project
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

and go back to sleep again. Probably a button too, to trigger an extra measurement (if that`s feasible without having to keep the ATMega out of deep sleep to continually watch for a button press. ). As I was worried about battery life, and if this could even be done with a small battery (I plan on using a CR2032), I started a different topic to first see if it would be feasible. Turns out it`s possible to run a JeeNode off of a CR2032, and let it send packages over the RFM12B transmitter (thanks JCW, and everyone else who helped out)! I`ll be needing at least a moisture sensor circuit of course, and preferably a temperature sensor as well. As the temperature influences the reading from the moisture sensor. I will be needing dozens of these - or similar enclosures. Same criteria: cheap, small, water resistant. Add to that: easy to duplicate, modular and use the hundreds of 9v batteries I have at my disposal. So, I needed something easy to access. Here is what I settled on: (see attached) It`s a made from standard pvc water pipe. I mount a RJ11 T-Adapter in the endcap on one end that I get from from Monoprice. I pop off the back of the adapter and mount a little 6-pin header for the Jeenode to "plug in". It`s not connected to anything. Just serves as a mounting point. The wires I solder up to some male 6-pin connectors with whatever resistor is required right from the T connector wires. This one happens to be for DS18B20...

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