Multitone Siren Alarm circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The circuit is built around popular CMOS oscillator-cum-divider IC 4060 and small audio amplifier LM386. IC 4060 is used as the multitone generator. A 100 H inductor is used at the input of IC 4060. So it oscillates within the range of about 5MHz RF. IC 4060 itself divides RF signals into AF and ultrasonic ranges. Audio signals of different frequ

Multitone Siren Alarm circuit diagram
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encies are available at pins 1, 2, 3, 13 and 15 of IC 4060 (IC1). Here the simple schematic of multitone siren alarm circuit. This multitone siren is effective for reverse horns, burlgar alarms, and many others. It generates five various audio tones and is much more earcatching than a single-tone siren. The circuit is constructed around well known CMOS IC 4060 as oscillator-cum-divider and small audio amplifier chip LM386. . This a two station intercom. It uses two wires to run between each intercom unit. Each is self contained with its own battery, speaker, microphone and amplifier circuit. An LM386 audio power amplifier is used. It is widely available, used a minimum of external parts and is well suited to battery operation. It will give. The following diagram is the circuit diagram of telephone amplifier, build based small amplifier IC LM386. This is a easy build telephone amplifier There is no extra electrical power supply required to power up the telephone amplifier circuit, as it draws power from the telephone line itself. The amplifier will supply fairly very good volume. This circuit is able to convert 12V DC to 220V AC dan handle about 50Watt small electronic appliance. Component List R1=10Mohms R2=100ohms R3=1. 2Kohms R4=560Kohms R5-6=2. 2Kohms R7-8=56 ohms 5W CX=22pF trimmed capacitor C1-2=22pF ceramic C3=8. 2nF 100V MKT C4=10uF 16V C5=47uF 16V C6=470nF 400V D1=5V6 0. 4W D2-3=47V 1W Q1-2=BS170 Q3-4=BD139...

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