Portable Solar Powered Lantern Circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The panel 5W/6v Wp will have a max current of approx 500 to 800mA peaking at 800mA at noon. by restricting it to 150mA seems sheer waste. you can use a 1W panel to provide you 160mA at peak performance of 6 hours, to cover for the worst case scenario maybe 2W would be fine. thus reducing the cost of the panel. The 1W LED will give approx 80 to 1

Portable Solar Powered Lantern Circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

00 Lumens this can be provided by use of a series of 2 LED`s in a strings and have 10 strings each string @8mA for Ultra brightness so the consumption is reduced to 80mA. the battery would last for 6 hours providing illumination of approx 100 Lumens (each LED @4/5 Lumens and you can get 6 Lumens by adding a current limiting resistor in series with each string Too many components after the SPST warming the circuit wasting it in the 5W resistors

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