Road remote control switch production

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This wireless remote control switch production is relatively simple. All components parameters we are testing is complete. Reader component parameters we provide installation can be completed in the production of the first resistive and capacitive components such as welding and welding on the IC socket Finally welding on the wireless receiver modu

Road remote control switch production
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le SH9902. 78L05 first welding. Conditional netizens available external 5V DC power wireless receiving part debug plug IC1. Negative pole to the ground in the circuit. +5 V connected in 78L05 output of multimeter DC voltage range measuring IC1 14 feet voltage when pressing the remote control every time. 14 pin voltage should sometimes significantly change. Otherwise, the wireless receiver module is not working properly. receiver module with or without inserted upside as normal retest IC1 17 feet of the ground voltage hold the remote control. feet voltage output is high or check IC1 whether the inserted upside Another point to be noted is that some production in soldering integrated circuit socket welding unskilled. address of 1-8 feet and the ground or high level collide. inadvertently decoder chip encoding. caused by the transmitter and receiver end address password is not uniform and can not be decoded on how to address coding. below The article introduced; last measured 11. 12 feet voltage output high when the remote control button click the corresponding two feet. Mains supply part of the debugging: This part of the debugging circuit can be determined by measuring the value of the voltage as long as the voltage across the measurement CW1 If the measured voltage is 11 13V between the section and the rectifier of the capacitor buck part of the circuit is working. So users can quickly master this remote switch debugging...

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