Specific color sensing circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Color sensing with camera and sufficiently powered processor running image histogram logic (or other such algorithms) can determine presence of certain colours fairly reliably. However, are there other, significantly more cost-effective mechanisms to determine presence/absence of certain color (or it`s close shades), at close range, using simpler/cheaper

Specific color sensing circuit
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sensors and lower computational requirements I am guessing that things like pH sensors, or other chemical sensors might use such methods. In my case, the application is such that I need to detect presence/absence of a specific colour (a shade of light blue), in a small area, at close range. Edited: By `close range` I mean something between 1-5cms, though this isn`t a very strict requirement. I was thinking of "close" relatively, i. e. there is no direct irradiation from light source to sensor, kind-of a double barrel, such that only reflected light hits the sensor. So closeness is a function of physical sensor placement, and I am open to suggestions (including completely alternative / orthogonal approaches). @JeeShenLee - You want to detect blue with IR And there`s IR noise too. Ever looked at the output of an IR receiver module without input signal stevenvh Jul 19 `12 at 7:07 @stevenvh, i was proposing other option rather than blue light. Based on my understanding, visible light dynamic are too large to be detect reliably (due to intensity, hue, and not forgetting the light from the environment contain blue rays too). JeeShen Lee Jul 19 `12 at 7:28 @stevenvh, indeed the object is blue. In future I might need to detect other colours, but that`s for later and would prefer to keep things simple for now. icarus74 Jul 19 `12 at 13:12 Since LEDs used as photodiodes are most sensitive to the colour they emit during normal...

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