Taylor Source Follower

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

I took 22 used, octal, 6. 3-volt, 600mA, controlled-warm-up tubes (mostly 6SN7s) and 22 octal tube sockets and an old extension cord and wired all the sockets in series. Then I plugged the series into a wall socket and reveled in the soft glow of 22 tubes (yes, I know only 20 were actually needed). To add a bit more color, I dug out my biggest, most colorful film caps

Taylor Source Follower
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(about 40) and bent one lead over into a hook to hang from the tree ”plus any other shiny electronic part I could find. I am as often wrong as I am right. I expected to get many e-mails dealing with the Aikido amplifier, particularly its use in an SE amplifier; and I did. But I also expected to get many e-mails dealing with the SS SRPP (the transistor-based SRPP amplifier). None were forthcoming. But a few wrote asking about the MOSFET-based White cathode follower (if only to find out where I had mentioned the topology before). My guess is that transistors are just too creepy for most tube fanciers. (Interestingly, many of these same audiophiles are not bothered by our little silicon friends when they can`t see them, when they are imbedded in a DAC or OpAmp for example. ) Before looking at a MOSFET WCF, let`s do a quick review of the tube-based follower. Above, a classic White cathode follower is displayed. The top triode receives the input signal and it, in turn, drives the bottom triode. In other words, the WCF performs push-pull operation on the cheap, as it contains its own phase splitter. What is the payoff, considering the added complexity Optimally, the circuit can deliver close to twice the idle current into its load, and with half the output impedance of a comparable cathode follower. Additionally, the distortion should be reduced because of the push-pull operation of a class-A output stage. Class-A operation is a...

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