antilock breaking system

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The ABS is help to make thestooping distance less and help tosteer while breaking it increase the traction of the wheel anddoesn`t lock while hard breaking. The basic design of a braking system has been around and in use in other applications for many years. The brakes in a car use the simple principle of hydraulics. This principle reduces the amo

antilock breaking system
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unt of work required by the user. The above is tell about the abs. The problem with the traditional braking system is that the force exerted by the brakes on the wheel cannot exceed the force of friction between the wheel and the road. If the braking force exceeds the force of friction from the road the vehicle will begin to slide. This problem brought about the invention of the anti-locking breaking system (ABS). The ABS detects drastic changes in the speed of the wheels. When a sharp deceleration is detected the ABS will reduce the hydraulic pressure supplied to the braking system until the wheel begins to accelerate again. When the acceleration is detected the pressure is again increased until an unusual amount of deceleration is detected. The process is repeated until the user removes their foot from the brake pedal or the vehicle comes to a complete stop. These sensors use a magnet and a coil of wire to generate a signal. The rotationof the wheel or differential induces a magnetic field aroundthe sensor. The fluctuations of this magnetic field generate a voltage into the sensor. A schematic of this system is shown in Figure 4. The ABS controller interprets this signal. Since the voltage inducted on the sensor is a result of the rotating wheel, this sensor can become inaccurate at slow speeds. The slower rotation of the wheel can cause inaccurate fluctuations in the magnetic field and thus cause inaccurate readings to...

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