Single multi-lamp switch control circuit 2

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Fig. 296 can use a control switch S El, E2 and E3 three lamp light off. E is suitable for the living room chandelier control. When s off, lights all the fire; for the first tim

Single multi-lamp switch control circuit 2
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e together on s, only E1 lit; disconnect S, short-term can be combined within LS, El and E2 lighted; A second break Ji fork turtle Xinhe LS, F1 and F3 point bright; again split off together f S. El-E3 light up. R., Composed of simple capacitive Buck G, v D1, vs the half-wave rectified voltage regulator, etc. c1 line. (For energy storage capacitor when s off fighting f, in time to make marital UM013 UPS can reliably count .VD2 trigger the isolation diode, so (j charge small forward grading electricity. (, D4 013 is dual D flip-flop, which constitutes a counter device, since R, (1, charge and discharge time constant is small, S each station Ke I split off a second, R: that upper outputs a positive pulse count cI1 feet away! end count that Ql and Q2 ended output high power level by: OO bl0 01 11 00 -- timing variations when Ql, Q2 are output low, that is, 00., only lit E1, E2 and E3 small light; when the output 1 0 ef, thyristor VTH1 opened, so El, E2 lighted when the output 01, VTH2 opened, F1 and E3 lit; when the output ll when, VTHL and VTH2 are Ji Tong, lizard set of lights all light. playing collapse CI3H-4 () OV polypropylene IU container .VTH1, VTH2 mouth J-type collapse MAC94A4 small plastic triac. other component parameters Figure, no special requirements.

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