Ultrasonic Circuits


An ultrasonic level or sensing system requires no contact with the target. For many processes in the medical, pharmaceutical, military and general industries this is an advantage over inline sensors that may contaminate the liquids inside a vessel or tube or that may be clogged by the product.

A common ultrasound application is an automatic door opener, where an ultrasonic sensor detects a person's approach and opens the door. Ultrasonic sensors are also used to detect intruders; the ultrasound can cover a wide area from a single point.

The flow in pipes or open channels can be measured by ultrasonic flowmeters, which measure the average velocity of flowing liquid. Ultrasonic Aplications includes motion sensors and flow measurements, non-destructive testings, ultrasonic range finders, ultrasound Identification (USID), imaging, acoustic microscopy, biomedical applications, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic humidifiers, etc.


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The post explains how to build a personal defender circuit using high frequency ultrasonic wave generator which can be directed towards the aggressor while defending oneself.

Ultrasonic range finder using arduino. 1 cm accuracy, measures upto 200cm.HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging module. Displays in cm and inch. Full circuit diagram, theory and circuit diagram.

ultrasonic transducer sensor circuit using cmoc timer ic 7555 ultrasonic piezoceramic transmitter op amp.

This ultrasonic rangefinder can measure distances up to 2.5 meters at an accuracy of 1 centi meter. AT89s51 microcontroller and the ultrasonic transducer module HC-SR04 forms the basis of this circ...

The first sensor a robot usually gets fitted with is an obstacle detector. It may take three different forms, depending on the type of obstacle you want to detect and also indeed, above all on th...

When an ultrasonic signal is falling on the sensor, it produces a proportional voltage signal at its output. This weak signal is amplified by the two stage amplifier circuit comprising of transisto...


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