Automatic level control circuit diagram of six

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit works The liquid level automatic controller circuit from the power circuit, a level detection circuit and control the implementation of circuit, as shown in FIG. Power

Automatic level control circuit diagram of six
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circuit from the knife switch Q, fuse FU, power transformer T, rectifier diode VD1 ~ VD4, current-limiting resistors R1 and R5, filter capacitor C1 and Zener diode VS composition. Liquid level detection circuit by the high level electrode H, L low level electrode and the main electrode M components. Control the implementation of circuit by the transistor V, relay K, when the base integrated circuit IC, diodes VD5 ~ VD8 RC components and peripherals. ON knife switch Q, AC 380V voltage by T Buck, when no liquid or liquid pool level is below the low level electrode L, no current rectifier circuit, the control circuit without the implementation of the operating voltage, the relay K is the release state, the normally closed contact connected to AC contactor KM power pull, plus pump motor M powered job and began dosing. When the liquid level reaches the lower pool level electrode L, L low level electrode through the liquid in contact with the main electrode M, the rectifier circuit DC voltage output. The DC voltage by C1 filtering, R5 and VS limiting buck regulator to generate 12V DC voltage supply control execution circuit. In this case, V in the off state, IC 2 feet and 6 feet are high, 3 feet output low, the relay K is not action, plus dosing pump motor M continues. FIG automatic level control circuit When the liquid level reaches the high level electrode tanks H, H high level electrode through the liquid and the main electrode traders turned on, so that V conduction, IC 2 feet and 6 feet into a low, 3 feet high output level, the relay K pull its normally closed contact K disconnect the AC contactor KM power release, plus pump motor M off the power supply, plus pump stops dosing. When the reservoir pool level drops to a low level electrode L or less, input rectifier circuit and disconnect the control circuit to perform power lose their jobs, the relay K release, plus dosing pump again. Again and again, enabling unattended automatic liquid supply. Component selection R1 and R5 selects 27 wirewound resistors; R2 ~ M selected 1/4W metal film is electrically positive. C1 selected voltage is 50V aluminum electrolytic capacitors; C2 use of electrolytic capacitors voltage is 25V for; C3 use monolithic capacitors or polyester capacitors. VD1 ~ VD8 selects 1N4001 or Model 1N4007 silicon diodes. VS selection of 1W, 12V zener diode, such as 1N4742 and other models. V selects C8050 or 58050,3DG8050 silicon NPN transistor. IC NE555 type used when the base integrated circuit. K selects JRX-13F type 12V DC relay. KM choose coil voltage is 220V AC contactor, the contact current capacity should be added according to pump motor power may be. T use 5W, the second voltage of 18V (380V/18V) power transformer. You can use 1 level electrode inside the battery carbon rod (a metal cap on carbon rod with one end of the lead after a good weld, then epoxy sealing).

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