Arduino Mega 512 kB SRAM expansion shield

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Programming the GPS Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO) with the QP state machine framework -, which I badly need to write up - has led to the conclusion that I`ve run out of SRAM on the the Arduino Mega 2560 system. Not surprising given that there`s only(!) 8 kB available and I`m programming in C+ with an STL library port, etc. So what to do Well i

Arduino Mega 512 kB SRAM expansion shield
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t would seem that Andy Brown - andybrown. me. uk - again provides the solution with his 512 kB SRAM expansion for the Arduino Mega. Either he`s omniscient or, more likely, he`s "been there and done that!" However I want to be able to mount everything and a board sticking off the side - as detailed in Andy`s design - doesn`t meet the need. So I`ve re-laid out the SRAM memory expansion to be an Arduino Mega sized expansion board. Figure 1 shows the modified circuit, exactly the same as the original design but with suitable pin connections for a full Mega shield. Figures 2a and 2b meanwhile are the current design for the shield PCB. I doubt the layout will win any competitions for a PCB layout, but everything is there and now I`m working to get some prototypes made up. I`m looking for a couple of beta (alpha ) testers. If you`re interested in receiving a prototype board - noting that it is a prototype and not at all tested - then let me know! Cost to you will be whatever it costs me on a per board basis, plus postage and handling. Currently it looks likes each board will cost US$10 excluding postage.

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