Counter 0-9 Using Arduino Microcontroller

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The high-tech credit card has been nicknamed `microcontroller super card` because of all the great improvement ideas. I showed how to first verify the code, and then upload on to the arduino board. I then wrote a code for the counter to go from 0 to 9 using a time delay of 1000ms (1s) after each digit. I ran through an error at some point related to the port

Counter 0-9 Using Arduino Microcontroller
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I used but after troubleshooting I changed ports from the tools menu. I was able to get the seven segment display counting from 0 to 9 again. I put a video of this on YouTube. I was also able to dial my telephone number making the digit and LEDs blink that number of times using the code below. I also put a demo of this on YouTube. The first thing I did was to develop a design solution and then a pseudocode which I later converted to a flowchart and then finally to an actual Arduino code. I immediately identified the pins to be used on the Arduino board and assigned them to Output digital in the setup section of my Arduino code. For my design, I first configured out how to light up the LEDs on the 7 segment display, then I was able to get it working but I ended up using more bits than was necessary. I used up to 8 bits as opposed to 4 bits which I later used. I finally decided to use a BCD decoder which converted a 4 bit binary number to its decimal equivalent. This final design was more efficient and easier to troubleshoot. For the demo, I initially dialed my number without using a loop, but that made my code longer so I created a better algorithm with 4 bits making the program more efficient.

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