LED-Circuits 8

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This Circuit is a DPM or digital panel meter. It has a analog bar graph display and a 3-1/2 digit digital display. ICL7107 is used in the 200mV configuration. U4A opamp LF353 amplifies the 200mV Full scale input to the level required for the LM3914 display circuit. D13-D14 are clamping protection diodes. Adjust P1 trimpot for a reading of 1000 cou

LED-Circuits 8
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nts when a 100. 0 mV signal is fed at Vin. Adjust R8 trimpot to get the 5th led to just turn on at 100mV input. Sometimes a analog recorder with a ink-pen plot against time is a very good way of process analysis. Many systems are better studied using graphs not tables and lists of numbers. A Computer based data-logger gives greater power to this methods. You can measure and plot graphs of various types and at different points and for much longer periods. This is a easy to build LED lamp circuit for Learning and building skills. This is the first draft schematic V 1. 0. It will need improvements for Higher Power Lighting. From Schematics of delabs I will give a short summary, The LM317 here configured for around 6. 4V DC. The Q3 BC547 limits the current, you can select R3 to suit, make it 1/2W. The Ni-Cd battery pack 1. 2 * 4 will not get Over-Current or Over-Voltage due to this circuit. The IRF540 Mosfet or any other equivalent you have around, along with Q2 BC547 forms a current source for the Read More This is a LED Analog Meter, This can be used as a Resistance Meter and Low Impedance Voltmeter for Battery Levels. To measure battery voltage, the R5-R12-R17 etc. part of the Reference Resistor Divider Network can be modified to suit. Shown here is for 4 LEDs, Use Three LM324 for 12 or More LEDs and Cascade as shown. This cannot Measure Voltage levels from High Impedance Sources, will work for Battery Voltage Tests. To make...

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