Making a Line Sensor using IR Receiver

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A line follower robot, or a LFR in short, is a simple autonomous robot that optically tracks a line made on the surface of the floor. That means you have an arbitrary line drawn on the floor and the robot tracks it by moving right along it! The line is sensed using a piece of hardware called a line sensor. A line sensor can be easily made using a

Making a Line Sensor using IR Receiver
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low cost IR Rx/Tx pair. The IR Rx emmits IR radiation and the Rx helps in receiving the waves. See the figure below for working of line sensor. Actually a group of such sensor units as described above is required to make a line follower robot. We generally use 3 or 5 such sensor unit to make a line sensor array. The complete steps are described below. You need small piece of veroboard (general purpose PCB). Recently, I purchased LFR from you to demonstrate to my kids. The circuit diagram given in your web site is faint so not readable. Could you kindly send me cleary copy of the circuit diagam of main board Thank you very much in advance. It is so because you were too fast in asking. Just click on the image it will enlarge. Today I am feeling pity that even after giving so much info, also I have to teach user please click here, click there  too ! People quickly find faults in others NOT in their selves. On web site their is only a space for 500pixel wide image so it cannot contain more data than that, you need to click the image to download larger version. Its common sense.

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