Metal detector circuit diagram 2

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The metal detector circuit is composed of the power circuit, sine wave oscillator, PLL phase-locked loop circuit and hybrid amplifying circuit, and the circuit is shown as the chart. Power circuit is composed of the batteries GBI, GB2, filter capacitors C1, C2, and the power switch s (Sa, Sb). Sine oscillator circuit consists of transistor VI, det

Metal detector circuit diagram 2
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ecting coil L, capacitors C3 ~ C5 and resistors RI, R2. PLL phase-locked loop circuit IC consists of dual time-base integrated circuit and resistos R3, potentiometer RP1, capacitors C6 ~ C8. Hybrid amplifying circuit is composed of the transistors V2, V3, resistors R4 ~ R6, potentiometer RP2 and ammeter PA. R1 ~ R6 use l/4W or l/8W carbon film resistors.

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