Microchip PIC Programmer ICSP Circuit Guide

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Microchip do not recommend any particular circuit for ICSP programming. There are diagrams for different tools, such as Pro Mate and PICKit2 with similar circuitry but slight variations. In some schematics, their suggested resistor values are too small, in our opinion, and can cause problems with programmers, even Microchip ones. Kanda have developed a recommended In System

Microchip PIC Programmer ICSP Circuit Guide
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Programming circuit that will work effectively with our PIC programmer range, and other PIC programmers. This circuit is shown in the diagram below. Please read the notes that describe the circuit and explain the effect of extra components such as capacitors. Kanda programmers are designed to provide 3. 3V or 5V to the target circuit, but some other ICSP programmers always supply 5V. If your circuit operates at a lower voltage than the programmer, then the diode shown on VDD should be fitted to protect the rest of the circuit. A series resistor may be acceptable instead of the diode in some cases. MCLR/VPP pin needs a resistor to VDD. A minimum of 1K should work but 10K is better. PIC16F devices with only VDD first ICSP entry (PIC16F8x/87x/7x/7x7) should be fitted with a 4K7 resistor as a minimum to reduce the possibility of code running before VPP rises. Supervisory circuits or push buttons on MCLR should be isolated from the VPP voltage, by placing them on the VDD side of the resistor or by fitting a Schottky diode on this line as per note 1. The 100nF capacitor shown on MCLR/VPP pin is optional for HVP but we do recommend that a capacitor is fitted to avoid glitches on MCLR. 100nF is the maximum value, and we recommend something smaller. Larger capacitors may prevent the PIC from entering HVP mode. Do not fit for LVP mode. If possible, Clock and Data lines should be dedicated to ICSP but where this is not possible, the...

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