Silent Radio LED sign to Arduino

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Working on the brightness problem, I know that the 4017 design did not work well because there was no way to turn off the sign while updating the shift registers. As a result I went back to having the Arduino directly drive the TIP120 drivers. Another possible solution might be to use an ULN2003`s as a level shifter. That would require a 6 or 7 vo

Silent Radio LED sign to Arduino
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lt power supply as well. I wanted to stay with a 5 volt power supply. I have observed that the Cadaces modules use 22 ohm current limiting resistors. The Silent Radio signs use 100 ohm resistors. Maybe changing the resistors is a better solution Here is the schematic. On the scrolling issue, I have suspects that the sign scrolls backwards because it is upside down. So I changed two lines of code so the sigh would work upside down and viola, it works. It now scrolls from right to left like it should have been doing. //*// // Name : Silent Radio Driver // // Author : Bob Davis // // Date : 25 April, 2011 // // Version : 1. 0 // // Based on work of Hari Wiguna - // //* // Pins for the row drivers int row1Pin = 1; int row2Pin = 2; int row3Pin = 3; int row4Pin = 4; int row5Pin = 5; int row6Pin = 6; int row7Pin = 7; // Pins for column shift registers int clockPin = 8; int dataPin = 9; // Set the pins to output to the circuit void setup() { pinMode(clockPin, OUTPUT); pinMode(dataPin, OUTPUT); pinMode(row1Pin, OUTPUT); pinMode(row2Pin, OUTPUT); pinMode(row3Pin, OUTPUT); pinMode(row4Pin, OUTPUT); pinMode(row5Pin, OUTPUT); pinMode(row6Pin, OUTPUT); pinMode(row7Pin, OUTPUT); } //= B I T M A P = //Bits in this array represents one LED of the matrix // 8 is # of rows, 7 is # of LED matrix we have byte bitmap[8][12]; // Change the 7 to however many matrices you want to use. int numZones = sizeof(bitmap) / 8; // I will refer to each group...

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