Simple PWM inverter circuit diagram using PWM chip SG3524

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Here is a simple PWM dc to ac voltage inverter circuit based on IC SG 3524. The SG3524 IC chips is a fixed frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) voltage regulator control circuit, with indifferent outputs for single ended or push pull applications. The SG3524 IC integrated circuit has all the functions necessary for the production of a regulating

Simple PWM inverter circuit diagram using PWM chip SG3524
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power supply, electrical inverteror switching regulator on a single chip. Moreover it can be used as the control element for high power output purposes. We know pulse width modulation PWM theory, i. e. a method of adjusting the width of the pulses in a pulse train relative to a control signal. If greater the control voltage, wider is the resultant pulses. Using a sinusoidal frequency as the control voltage for pulse width modulator circuits, it is likely to generate a high power waveform whose average voltage varies with the sine wave, which is suitable for driving ac loads. The complementary output allows either single-ended or push-pull application. Each device includes an on-chip regulator, error amplifier, programmable oscillator, pulse-steering flip-flop, two uncommitted pass transistors, a high-gain comparator, current-limiting and shutdown circuitry. The inside reference voltage is divided on the outside by a resistor network to give a reference to inbuilt error amplifier. (External reference can also be used). The output is sensed by a subsequent resistor divider network and the error signal is amplified. This voltage is then compared with the linear voltage ramp at timing capacitor CT, thus producing a pulse width modulation (PWM) pulse. The resultant PWM pulse from the comparator is passed to the corresponding output pass transistor (Q1, Q2 refer block diagram) using the pulse steering flip flop, which is...

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