Speed controller circuit change please help

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

To make your own PWM controller, start with this sawtooth generator. Run it from a 7. 5V regulated supply to make its Vpp 5V. Feed the sawtooth to one input of a comparator and the MAP voltage to the other input of the same comparator. Let the output drive a MosFet transistor. Hi, thanks for the replie, I`ve found this wiring diagram for the sp

Speed controller circuit change please help
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eed controler, I`ve drawn on a schematic diagram of the MAP sensor, I`m looking to get the speed controler to increase RPM of a electric motor in step with the air pressure sensed. Having replaced the trimpot with the MAP sensor, the load( in this case a 12v bulb) is shining quite bright with no air pressure applied- when air pressure is applied the bulb shines slightly brighter. It may be helpful if you explain what exactly you are trying to do. I strongly suspect that there is a flaw or a misunderstanding in your project several steps earlier than the motor controller. All the turbo charged cars I`ve had in the past (ok, only 2) have had a fuel pump that provides a far greater flow than required with the excess being returned to the fuel tank or shunted around the pump via a pressure relief valve of some sort. Sounds like you trying to turbocharge a NA (normally aspirated) engine. Even though this is not an engine forum, you really need to provide the big picture for people to really help you. Incomplete questions will get incomplete answers that will leave you chasing your tail. As for the MAP sensor, pressure sensors produces a voltage proportional to the pressure plus a constant offset. So at vacuum, the sensor may produce 0. 5V and at 30" it may produce 4. 5V. If you have a turbocharger that boosts the manifold pressure to 45" your sensor is only going to give you a little over 4. 5V because that is all it is able to...

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