Triangular Wave Generator Circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The generator embodies an integrator as a ramp generator and a threshold detector with hysterisis as a reset circuit. The integrator has been described in a previous section and requires no further explanation. The threshold detector is similar to a Schmitt Trigger in that it is a latch circuit with a large dead zone. This function is implemented

Triangular Wave Generator Circuit
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by using positive feedback around an operational amplifier. When the amplifier output is in either the positive or negative saturated state, the positive feedback network provides a voltage at the non-inverting input which is determined by the attenuation of the feedback loop and the saturation voltage of the amplifier. To cause the amplifier to change states, the voltage at the input of the amplifier must be caused to change polarity by an amount in excess of the amplifier input offset voltage. When this is done the amplifier saturates in the opposite direction and remains in that state until the voltage at its input again reverses. Here is a schematic drawing : The complete circuit operation may be understood by examining the operation with the output of the threshold detector in the positive state. The detector positive saturation voltage is applied to the integrator summing junction through the combination R3 and R4 causing a current I+ to flow. The integrator then generates a negative-going ramp with a rate of I+/C1 volts per second until its output equals the negative trip point of the threshold detector. The threshold detector then changes to the negative output state and supplies a negative current, I-, at the integrator summing point. The integrator now generates a positive-going ramp with a rate of I -/C1 volts per second until its output equals the positive trip point of the threshold detector where the detector...

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