VHF antenna amplifier circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This RF antenna amplifier can be used for high frequency and VHF band ( for radio and TV) and will provide a 22 dB gain. This RF antenna amplifier electronic project has a very low noise, under 1. 6dB. L1 coil has a 6uH value, but can be used any coil for high frequency ( with a value between 5. 6 to 6. 8 u H). L2 coil is an air core type coil a

VHF antenna amplifier circuit diagram
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nd it has 5-6 turns (10mm long and 5 mm diameter). For L2 coil can be used a 0. 25 mm Cuem wire. The pcb of this circuit must be placed near the antenna, in a small metallic box. This VHF antenna circuit must be powered from a 12 volts DC power supply circuit, you can use a 12 volt battery, because the current consumption of this circuit is very low under 10mA.

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