analog How to analyze this diode circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The two diodes will be fried. You`ll want some series resistors for them. If the simulation runs, the current through the diodes will be huge. jippie Apr 30 `13 at 9:40 @jippie Both diodes need not be fried :-) One will become a SED (Smoke Emitting Diode), then we can always analyze for the remaining one! Anindo Ghosh Apr 30 `13 at 9:42 If

analog How to analyze this diode circuit
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you drew the schematic yourself, I`d double check the reference to make sure you got the D1 polarity correct. In this situation, I would probably make a note of the problem with the circuit as drawn, possibly solve it assuming D1 died, and then additionally solve it assuming D1 was reversed (which was likely the intention). darron Apr 30 `13 at 15:26 When you encounter a situation like this, you should realize that some assumption you`ve made when simplifying isn`t valid. In this case, it`s the assumptions of the constant voltage drop model that are being violated. DrFriedParts Apr 30 `13 at 15:50

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