bedini cole window motor

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Experimenting with the window motor. The reason the window motor is so powerful, is the minor current required is an INDEPENDENT VARIABLE from the power of the permanent magnets on the rotors. The true power lies in the magnetic flux lines of the permanent magnets, the more powerful the magnet, the less power you need to run the motor! True aether

bedini cole window motor
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energy tapping, as I had originally conceived in principle. The problem with the SG is that the shaft takes the brunt of the trigger coil pulse force making for a very inefficient way of causing the wheel to spin. You want the trigger coil to pulse in the direction of motion NOT perpendicular to it! Like I said before the SG in some ways appears to be designed inefficiently on purpose Another limiting factor on the SG is the core material on the coils. Free energy comes from rapidparametric variation as per Eric Dollard. The core material on the SG is welding rods, now this does cut down on somehysteresisbut the overallhysteresiscurve still isn`t that great. You want a very steep BH curve. Bedini himself says NOT to use neodynium magnets on the SG, they saturate the core too much, and by the time the next magnet comes by the core hasn`t finished un-saturating and you subsequentlydon`tget a full inductive collapse. This is a speed limiting factor and thus a power outputlimitingfactor. In order to be able to use neodynium magnets and spin the rotor at higher speeds you would have to use an exotic metal such as mu metal or metglas. Something with a very steep bh curve, facilitatingfaster inductive collapse/ paramateric variation. If you have an iron core wow that`s going to be a seriouslimitingfactor. Lindemann talking about Muller said heuseda special type of Black Sand. The beauty of the window motor is the rotating flux...

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