block diagram function generator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Function Generator Virtual Oscilloscope Sound card based multi-functional design, and virtual function generator Microcontroller based Function Generator Design and Implementation of graduation. The total program function generator Generally refers to the function generator automatically generates a sine wave, triangle wave, sawtooth affected parties, such as ladder wave voltage waveform of the circuit or equipment.

block diagram function generator
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According to different purposes, there have three or more of the waveform function generator, using the device can be discrete devices (S101, such as low frequency signal function generator used in all transistors), integrated circuits can also be used (such as single function generator module 8038). To further understand the basic theory and experimental circuit debugging techniques, this project uses the integrated operational amplifier with differential amplifier composed of transistor square wave - Triangle wave - sine function generator design. Generate sine, square, triangle There are many programs, such as the first sine wave generation, and then shaping circuit square wave sine transform, and then by the integration circuit becomes a square wave triangle wave; also produced the first triangle wave - square wave, triangle wave and then into a sine wave or square wave into a sine wave and so on. The subject of using the first generation square wave - the triangular wave, and then transform into a sine wave triangle wave circuit design, By the composition of the comparator and integrator square - triangle wave generator circuit, the comparator output of the square wave received by the integrator triangular wave, triangle wave to sine wave converter mainly by the differential amplifier to complete. Differential amplifier with a stable operating point, high input impedance, the advantages of strong anti-interference...

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