remote_control circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

At this circuit you can give a variety of utilities, from an alarm, to open a door, turn on a light in the garden or courtyard, and so on. Your imagination has the last word. HOW IT WORKS: The operating principle is based on the properties of a photoelectric PHOTOCELL or light, the substances with which this is constructed, its resistance varies w

remote_control circuit
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ith the degree of light it receives. When this component is placed in series with other components resistive, and then connect to the poles of a power supply, you get a voltage divider, which is dependent on the light. When these variations amplified voltage properly, we can activate a relay (relay, relay, circuit breaker), an SCR (silicon controlled rectifier), a triac, and so on. and I manage teams with higher amperage. The PHOTOCELL (light) should be placed inside a tube in black matte color so they do not receive the light of day or other than that which will operate the circuit. The potentiometer R2 is responsible for adjusting the amount of voltage that should receive the PHOTOCELL and thus with that degree of light should turn on the circuit.

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