ultrasonic circuit diagram

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a humidifier (do not believe you removed and see) circuit is very simple, just an ultrasonic oscillator! Ultrasonic frequency signal generated by the transistor (20-40Khz or so) received a transducer (piezoelectric buzzer in fact, the kind of copper on the card with speakers) principle is to make ultrasound a tiny impact on the object
ultrasonic circuit diagram - schematic

surface deformation, to hit off the stains! Advantages: low cost, no cleaners, no-clean, used for final cleaning of printed circuit boards! Help me answer time of | I have to to the TA for helpParticipate in activities: No related content to participate in the activities of Huizhou, where the sale small ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic cleaning machine how to test the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machines 1 home computer can be cleaned motherboard like objects NVC ultrasonic cleaning machines can work long summer ah Suzhou, specializing in the production of ultrasonic cleaning machines, drying equipment, the pipeline firms it More questions the same subject matter: ultrasonic cleaning machine schematic forwarded to: the promotion of choice for the new link up ultrasound ultrasound ultrasound # high quality Marine ultrasound company, specializing in the production of ultrasonic plastic welder, ultrasonic mask machines, ultrasonic cleaning machine. CE certification through the National Economic Ning Tianhua most professional ultrasonic cleaning machine Sky ultrasound R & D specializing in the production of ultrasonic cleaning machines, has 15 years of history, popular national telephone 40kHZ one ultrasonic transmitter circuit, the F1 ~ F3 three oscillators in the F3 is 40kHZ square wave output, frequency mainly by C1, R1 and RP decided to adjust the adjustable resistance with a frequency of RP. F3...

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