Multimeter AC voltage measuring circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Measuring the voltage converter can be set to switch to the right, left AC voltage range selector switch to any one file, then

Multimeter AC voltage measuring circuit
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the measurement circuit , as shown in FIG. In this case the shunt resistor in parallel with the header, and the DC voltage profile is still the same, just another of a series resistor 2. 25kfl. Then 3. 8kn shunt resistor, so the meter when measuring DC voltage sensitivity than decrease. The table half-wave rectifier circuit, low rectification efficiency. However, because of the additional resistance and additional resistance DC voltage share, such as the exchange of additional resistance 250V profile just as an additional electrical DC voltage 50v profile resistance, a difference of up to 5 times. Visible voltage sensitive AC voltage profile of one-fifth of the DC voltage. 2000fl / V 5 = 4000 / V This was the way to reduce the resistance of the additional compensation due rectifying current inefficiencies leaving meter drop. AC and DC voltage to achieve consistent pressure scale. AC high voltage test 2500V, lOMfl additional resistor with specially equipped. Connected to the high voltage or "2500V and" * "between the two jacks, the amount of drive switch 10 ~ 500V can be placed in any one file. In addition header in parallel with a lOfF electrolytic capacitor for smoothing the rectified pulsating voltage, the multimeter when measuring low frequency lower than 10Hz, the pointer is not to shake.

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