Multiple waveform generator circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit is shown at the same time produce a square wave, triangle wave, sine wave and outputs, especially for electronics enthusiasts and students do with an oscilloscope to ob

Multiple waveform generator circuit diagram
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serve the signal waveform of the experiment. The signal generator circuit is simple, low cost, easy adjustment. 555 timer connected as multivibrator forms of work, C2 for the timing capacitor, C2 of the charging circuit is R2 R3 RP C2; C2 discharge circuit is C2 RP R3 IC 7 feet (discharge). Since R3 + RP R2, the charging time constant and the discharging time constant approximately equal to the 3-pin output of the IC is approximately symmetrical square wave. Press the component parameters as shown in Figure, the frequency is about 1kHz, adjust the potentiometer RP can change the frequency of the oscillator. Square wave signal by R4, after the C5 integration network, the output of the triangular wave. Triangle wave and then by R5, C6 integration network, the approximate sine wave output. C1 is the power supply filter capacitor. Used as a power indicator light-emitting diode VD.

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