IR remote control signal receiver using AVR microcontroller

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

IR remote control is a device you can find everywhere where you can find TV, VCR or home theatre. Why not to use one of them for controlling your own devices like light, air conditioning etc. As we know remote control devices uses IR light. This is invisible light about 950nm wavelength. One biggest problem in using IR light is that there many oth

IR remote control signal receiver using AVR microcontroller
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er sources of it like sun, light bulbs, fire. In order to exclude other sources, IR signal is modulated by some frequency. Receiver has to be tuned for this frequency. Mostly remote controls transmit IR signal using 36kHz frequency signals. Transmitting and coding is one part which can be done more easily than receiving and decoding. Decoding is usually performed by using microcontrollers. Firs of all receiver has to get rid of 36kHz carrier frequency. This is not simple task to demodulate signal, this is why special IR receiver IC`s are produced. One of them is TSOP1736: this receiver simply removes 36KHz carrier signal and gives clean pulses that are used for device control. I won`t go too deep in how it works you can find this information in datasheets. This module is convenient to connect to microcontrollers like AVR or PIC, because it forms TTL signal levels compatible to them. Pulse-distance modulations is commonly used by LG, JVC, Acorp, Hitachi, Nokia, Aiwa, Akai, AverMedia, NEC. So further we will discuss only this modulation type. As you have noticed pulse-distance modulation uses fixed length pulses while gap defines weather it is 1 (long gap) or 0 (short gap) logical value. When using Pulse-Distance modulation firs goes LSB then MSB bits. If remote control button is pressed for a long time, then it sends one full packet and then after som time continuously sends unitary pulses informing that button is still...

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