sine wave oscillator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

In case of Japan, the electricity to be using in the home is 50 Hz or 60 Hz. In case of 50 Hz, the 1-cycle sine wave occurs the 50 times for the 1 second. 60 Hz are the 60 times. There is a way of making make the Lissajous as the way of understanding that the sine wave relates to the circle. In case of the sine wave which doesn`t have the distorti

sine wave oscillator
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on, the Lissajous becomes the true circle. The amplifier becomes the saturation state when the signal which returns to the amplifier through the feedback circuit is too big and the beautiful signal doesn`t come out. The phase means the position of the signal. At the electronic circuits, phase of the input and the output depends on capacitors, the coils, the amplifier itself. Because it is, it doesn`t oscillate when not adjusting the phase of the input signal. The part which is composed of C1, C2, R1, R2 becomes the positive feedback circuit of the operational amplifier. With it, the operational amplifier works in the oscillation. Also, the circuit sets the oscillation frequency in the damping time constant of the CR. This oscillator begins the oscillation when it makes the mu factor equal to or more than 3. At less than 3, it doesn`t oscillate. The beautiful signal doesn`t come out by output`s being saturated when the mu factor is more than 3. The low pass filter make pass the low frequency signal and blocks the high frequency signal. The signal flows through the grounding with C1 and the output voltage becomes low when the frequency becomes high. Oppositely, the high pass filter make pass the high frequency signal and blocks the low frequency signal. It is because the signal which passes C2 becomes little when the frequency becomes low. When combining these two, the signal in the area that the characteristic is the...

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