variable step up dc dc converter 2

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Might be a stupid quiestion but as 240vac-12vac transformers are readily available (and are roughly the same scale) could i use one of these in the circuit instead If the specific transformer mentioned in the schematic is not available to you, any transformer with the specifications primary 117VAC, secondary 6. 3VAC CT (center-tapped) should work.

variable step up dc dc converter 2
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

In this case you might have to choose a different drive frequency in order to operate at the sweet spot of the transformer: "[. ] I found in driving a transformer as is done in this project that the overall performance varied significantly as I varied the drive frequency. In a series of experiments I loaded the transformer directly with a variable resistor (no rectifier used), measured the AC voltage across this resistor, measured the DC current into the transformer, and varied the drive frequency. I looked for a frequency where the output voltage was highest and the input current was lowest. [. ] `ripple` is roughly +/-25V for output voltage >200V. This ripple isn`t sinusoidal at all. It is basically a spike then monotonically decays until the next spike. "

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