Automatic Level Control Signal Circuit

Posted on Jan 24, 2013

Involvement is a modified version of the classic circuit of automatic level control signal used in tape recorders. The purchase price of the components (using TL072) does not exceed CZK 60 for a channel. For a range of entry level audio signal may be replaced by the operation, which would be matched signal level so as not to overmodulation or podmodulován. The device performs a kind of correction pseudointeligentní volume. The circuit is also under the control settings and time constants trimmer member RC nabíjeného output signal through a silicon rectifier diodes and function of compressor frequency signal, which means that it reduces the dynamic range (the ratio of the loudest / quietest signal for a certain period of time).

Automatic Level Control Signal Circuit
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Connection is very useful for anyone who wants to easily record and process signals of different levels without having to painstakingly matched volume and feared overmodulation. The adjustment signal is suitable for listening in places where there is high noise level and is therefore unsuitable for a large dynamic range of listening, because the quiet passages are heard loud and they are too strong. These and similar problems that involvement in addressing the consequences. For demanding, then I recommend the use of this involvement in the three-band version. In this device, signals are processed separately deep, medium and high frequencies, and then in physiologically "friendly" relationship are mixed together again. The device operates in a very simplified form like Optimod - audio editing equipment used in radio adverts are aired before the signal "into the ether. This device provides full color saturation, and audio for any signal source, which provides pseudointeligentn? signal so that the optimal subjective and, above all clearly audible and understandable. Unlike the aforementioned device does not feature the involvement of the gate (ie, silencing of noise and interference signals in prázdých passages), it should be combined with the system to be DNR (DNL) or with a simple Quieting. Wiring is quite simple. As active elements can be used in virtually any silicon transistors and operational amplifiers. It is desirable...

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