Meter Counter Circuits


Counters and meter instruments are digital indicating meters for accurate measurement and display of square wave and pulse input signals. There are several types of counters/meters which differ in frequency ranges and the number of digits that can be displayed. A digital counter represents the count in digital form. Digital counters are the integrated circuits which are used to count the events in the digital systems or computers. Digital frequency meters display the accurate frequencies that are generated by the signal generators. Meter counters can count up and down and can also store data with a powerless non- volatile data backup. Pulse counters are used to count people entering a particular place, or can be used for time measurement. Digital counters also consists of flip flops. The number of flip flops indicates the number of states it has. Digital counters are classified as synchronous and asynchronous counters depending on the type of clock it uses. 100s of circuits for every hobbyist, technician, student, and design professional. An nice reference tool which includes lots of Counters and meter circuits. look at these circuit ideas, some of them may need some modification if they are to work as advertised. Ideas along with pretty good descriptions for each circuit.

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