4 Band Graphical Resistor Calculator

This calculator is valid only for four band resistors. For 5 bands resistors calculator click here. For 6 band resistors calculator click here.

Simply click on resistor to select/change the values from the drop-down menus for each band.


Resistor Value


Color-coding equivalents for the four, five and six bands resistors.

To distinguish left from right there is a gap between the third and the fourth bands.

(A Zero Ohm resistor is usually marked with a single black band)

  • band A is the first significant figure of component value (left side)
  • band B is the second significant figure (some precision resistors have a third significant figure, and thus five bands).
  • band C is the decimal multiplier
  • band D if present, indicates tolerance of value in percent (no band means 20%)



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